Woman sets wedding dress on fire at post-divorce garage sale

HOUSTON – A woman burned her wedding dress at a “post-divorce garage sale” to signify the end of her marriage.

KPRC reported that Briana Barksdale recently hosted the garage sale, which she called a “Divorce garage sale” in an online ad.

Barksdale said the divorce from her “worthless, cheating, abusive husband,” took “two long years.”

Her ex-husband is serving seven years of probation and community service after pleading guilty to assault of a family member.

Barksdale’s divorce became final at the end of last month and she said February is the start of her new year.

“If you've ever been completely screwed over by an ex, please come support my garage sale and help me get rid of this (expletive) so I can move on with my life,” the ad said.