Man found dead in Virginia home has been deceased for years

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Police in Newport News found a man in his home that had been deceased for multiple years on Saturday, according to WTKR.

It all started with a phone call when an unidentified neighbor said he got a call to do a welfare check on his next door neighbor on Thursday.

“The nephew called me. I told him I couldn’t go on Friday because I was going out of town, but I can do it on Saturday,” said the unidentified neighbor.

He said that he checked the home around 9:30 a.m Saturday and said an odor was coming from inside.

No one answered after several knocks so the unidentified neighbor called police to the home on Rivers Ridge Circle in Mulberry Village.

“I gave them the keys, they entered the house and found the gentleman,” he said.

Newport News police said they found a man’s body inside and that he had been dead for several years. Officers believe the man was in his late 60s.

Other neighbors said they think the situation is strange. Some thought the man could’ve possibly been sent to a nursing home or moved away with his family, but instead he was inside his home the entire time.

“Summer has come and we didn’t smell anything,” a neighbor said.

The neighbor who did the welfare check and called police said the man’s family is in California and he lived alone taking care of himself.

He said the last time they saw each other was two years ago.

“He was very secluded. He didn’t want to be bothered with a bunch of people.”

Police believe there was no foul play involving the man’s death.

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