Davidson County Animal Shelter is in desperate need of volunteers

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- For the dogs and cats at the Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington, the shelter is their temporary home.

“Some of them came in as strays. Some came in surrendered by their owners and they come in absolutely terrified. They've been uprooted from everything they have ever known,” said Mindy Faircloth, a volunteer for the shelter.

Faircloth knows what just a few minutes can do for some of these animals.

“That's the highlight of their day when somebody decides to come in and takes them for a walk,” she said.

However, recently the number of volunteers coming in has dwindled to just a handful.

“It seems to come in waves. They'll come for a while and then I guess people get busy and things in life change,” Faircloth said.

With a staff of only about five people and a packed shelter, it makes things there a little tough at times.

FOX8 reached out to other shelters in our area and heard from both Guilford County and Burlington.

They tell us that while they are not in a big need for volunteers, they always welcome the help.

“Saturday’s we usually get more. People are off work and kids are out of school, but during the week we really need [volunteers]. Sometimes that's the only time the dogs get to come out,” said Faircloth.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can call or stop by the animal shelter, fill out an application and begin the process.