Crews scramble to fix potholes in the Triad

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- It's a sight drivers can get used to seeing on Business 85. With rakes and shovels in hand, North Carolina Department of Transportation crews are repairing dozens of potholes.


"I try to dodge them," Willie Smith said. "I do my best to try to doge the potholes, but you can't dodge every one."

Other drivers say they can't swerve. Not without causing an accident.

"Me, driving trucks, you have to be really be careful and just have to hit them," truck driver Antonio Logan said. "Mess up up the truck and stuff."

This isn't what the Department of Transportation wants to see happen.

Division Seven Engineer Mike Mills said it takes two business days for crews to repair potholes.

Mills said crews fix them by pouring what's called a "cold mix solution" into the hole.

"We try to pack it down in the pothole and of course when the cars run over that, that helps pack it down also," Mills said.

He said this solution is only temporary during the winter months. The long-term fix comes during the spring and summer months.

Mills said they have maintenance crews specifically designed for potholes.

"We probably have 6,500 miles that we have to maintain," Mills said.

Mills said the pothole calls never stop, and so too, damage done to cars.

Mills said drivers need to fill out a tort claim through the Department of Transportation if their car has sustained damage.

This will reimburse drivers for any money they have to fork out to fix their car.