‘I can dig it’: North Carolina man grins while pleading guilty to shooting at cop

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — A man who fired shots into a North Carolina police officer’s home in September pleaded guilty in court Monday — and his bizarre demeanor puzzled the judge.

According to WSOC, Bradley Mellon was angry that a female officer was about to arrest a friend for theft.

A district attorney said Mellon admitted he drove by the officer’s house as she got home from work and fired shots at it — just missing her child by inches.

While being sentenced, Mellon acted eccentrically.

“Are you now under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, pills, medication, narcotics?” the asked judge Mellon.

“I wish, but no, sir,” Mellon replied as he continued grinning.

The man allegedly acted like he was listening to music and often turned to talk to his crying sister.

The district attorney offered to drop the attempted murder charge to give Mellon a minimum 8-year sentence for all other charges if he took the deal.

He accepted reluctantly.

“It’s hard to sign eight to 10 years of your life away,” Mellon said. “Ain’t nobody get hit and y’all let murderers go eight to 10. 10 years. But it’s cool. I can dig it.”

The DA said that if Mellon rejected the plea, then he would be tried on gun and drugs charges, which were allegedly found on him when he was arrested. Adding that he would have charged Mellon once his criminal history was padded with new convictions, adding more time to his sentence.

He could have faced an additional three to five years in prison.