High Point Parks and Recreation creating a new master plan

HIGH POINT, N.C. – High Point City Lake Park is known for fishing and the merry go round. While they are popular attractions for City Lake Park, some folks feel High Point parks could use more attractions.

"You know, it's missing something," said Joseph DeLeon. "Maybe a biking trail or some kind of rides for the kids."

Magdelene Carron is an avid runner. At least three times a week, you can find her running at a High Point park. But she wishes her runs could be longer.

"I am a big runner," Carron said. "So, I think the Piedmont Environmental Center Greenway should be finished and connected to the High Point Greenway."

Getting outside is a national trend. At Hedgecock Park, High Point is building a dog park so pets and their owners can have a place to go. What park goers will see next could be up to you.

"High Point is an evolving community," said High Point Parks and Recreation Director Lee Tillery. "We want to evolve with it and this plan is coming at a great time."

With help from a consulting group, High Point Parks and Recreation will begin designing a 10-year master plan.

The plan will help the department decide where to build features like trails and new parks and how to address current problems.

"We have some deferred maintenance we want to address and insure we don't get into those situations down the road," Tillery said.

Tillery adds the 10-year master plan will also involve the services parks and recreation offers.

"I feel so good when I see all of our programming that takes place," said Tillery. "We want to see if there's other needs in the community as far as leisure services we are not meeting for youth and adult."

The first of two public forums have been scheduled.

To share your thoughts and ideas about city parks, go to the High Point Parks and Recreation office at 136 Northpoint Avenue on March 12.

A time hasn't been confirmed yet. High Point Parks and Recreation will work through the summer and present a formal master plan to City Council in September.