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Greensboro police asking landlords to help eliminate crime in problem areas

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Aside from the passing traffic, Julian Street in Greensboro was pretty quiet Tuesday afternoon, but that morning was a different story.

"When the community wakes up and they see that, I believe we're obligated to let them know what's going on," said Greensboro Deputy Chief James Hinson.

Police raided two neighboring homes on Julian Street at 5 a.m. Tuesday, arresting three men, two of them on drug trafficking charges.

"What we have seen is oftentimes landlords are not fully aware of what’s going on at that particular property," Hinson said.

He says landlords need to become part of the effort to get drugs and crime off the streets.

"You can look in the law of that particular location being a nuisance, and so you can go down that particular road, but what we want to do initially is engage in conversation," Hinson said.

The homes in that area are part of a large hot spot in Greensboro, where most violent crimes happen.

Part of Greensboro's safer city initiative is increasing patrols and canvassing those areas. Last year, officers spent an extra 7,500 hours patrolling these neighborhoods.

Hinson hopes the extra visibility will show people they're invested in cleaning up the streets.

"They say you know what, they weren't just here doing nothing. They were over here addressing our concerns because one they hear us and they care," Hinson said.