Duke Energy crews work overnight to restore power after wintry mix

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The work continued for Duke Energy crews well into Sunday night as workers battled to restore power to 13,000 customers statewide.

Some of them needed some reassuring.

"We promise that we will get your power solved as safely and quickly as possible," said Duke Energy spokeswoman Ana Gibbs.

The freezing rain created major problems for power lines in Forsyth County and a result, caused homeowners to wait for help.

"It was unexpected," said Natasha Young, whose family was affected by the power outage.

Luckily for Young, she had other plans outside of her home.

"We stayed out here until the power came back on," Young said.

Help came for others as it took a level of priority to do so. Gibbs said power restoration comes down to urgency.

The first place to receive immediate care deals with health.

"Medical facilities or 911 outages," Gibbs said.

The next priority is areas with a large number of outages.

This was the case in Forsyth and Surry counties, where almost 5,000 customers were without power.

"It could be a tree branch that's been frozen and it literally comes down on the line on our whole line comes down," Gibbs said.

This was the case on Talley Road as a tree came crashing down on a power line.

Crews then turn their attention to outages with only a few hundred customers in areas.

"So those numbers don't come down as quickly because those outages are scattered," Gibbs said.

She said outage numbers have plummeted from 13,000 thousand since Sunday afternoon.

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