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Woman reunited with sister after nearly 50 years

LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas woman has been reunited with her sister after nearly 50 years.

Jennifer Braica was put up for adoption at birth. She has spent the last several decades searching for her biological family.

It wasn’t until nearly three decades later that she found out she had an older sister.

“That doubled my motivation to find them,” Braica said. “Here I was at 27 and tried everything.”

After years of searching, Braica turned to Facebook, where someone suggested she take an ancestry test.

“From there, I found only one second cousin that matched me,” Braica said.

But that was all Braica needed. That cousin introducing her to her biological dad and sister. So Braica immediately hopped on a plane and flew to Florida to meet her sister.

“It was just really surreal to see her and hug her,” Braica said. “Just to finally touch her, hug her and connect with her – it was amazing.”

Since then, they’ve been inseparable — two sisters making up for a lot of wasted time.

“I didn’t get to be at her wedding, she didn’t get to be at mine,” Braica said. “We didn’t get to be there for each other’s children when they were born. But I do not want to live in that spot where I feel bad that we missed so much. We did a lot this whole week that made up for a lot of things that we missed.”

Now Braica said there’s no looking back. She’s found her missing piece.

“I can’t even put into words, but I’m never letting her go again,” Braica said. “I got her back and that’s it!”

As for why Braica wanted to share her story, she said she believes there are a lot of other adoptees who may feel the same way. She hopes her story inspires other to find their families as well.