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Investigation into fight at local high school basketball game continues

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Police are still investigating what sparked a fight at a local high school basketball game Wednesday night at Carver High School as they hosted Winston-Salem Prep.

School officials say the fight was between the two cheerleading squads and broke out around 9:30.

“One group was cheering in front of the other group, and somebody didn’t like what was said, or the way it was done,” said Jonathan Wilson, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools security director.

Wilson added that there were five Winston-Salem police officers inside the gym when the fight started. Officers used pepper spray to break up the fight.

“We had adequate security, we had an adequate number of administrators that were on site for the game and things just kind of got out of hand,” Wilson added.

At least three people were taken to the hospital after the fight stopped.

“We like to see those rivalries, but sometimes those high emotions kind of get away from you,” Wilson said.

Carver alums reacted harshly to the news of the fight, reflecting on a time where disputes were peacefully settled in-game between players on the field, or in this case, the court.

“To have a healthy rivalry, if you win you win, if you lose you lose, you get ‘em next time,” said Daniel Feaster, Carver class of ’67.

FOX8 spoke to several family members of students who were in attendance, who called the fight “embarrassing.”

“You embarrassed the whole student body, you embarrassed yourself first of all, and your parents and your teachers,” Feaster added.

That sentiment was echoed by members of younger generations as well.

“You win some, you lose some, at the end of the day people are gonna have to look at any type of physical battle as a loss,” said Kaleb Johnson, who lives near Carver High.

School officials say there is a “strong likelihood” that all the students involved will face disciplinary action.

"A lot of this stuff translates to later in life. You gotta be able to get along with this nucleus of people, and then you go out into the real world and say, 'OK, I don't really like that guy, but here's how I'm gonna handle it,'” Feaster said. “'I'll work with it, I'll figure out a way to get around that attitude or that person and then go on with my life.'"

Winston-Salem police have not announced if anyone involved will face criminal charges. They add that they investigated the fight all day Thursday and will announce any potential charges once that investigation concludes.​