Guilford County students celebrate Bennett Belle’s role in Greensboro Sit-In Movement

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- 58 years ago, students at Bennett College played a large role in the Greensboro Sit-In Movement.

They didn't participate the first day, but as the movement grew throughout the week, they were there to help.

"The men at North Carolina A&T started it, but the women from Bennett College also supported the process. They found out, they heard, they rallied behind it," said Thyais Maxwell, principal of the Middle College at Bennett.

The Middle College at Bennett is part of the Guilford County Schools system, it is an all-girls high school located on the college campus. The only history teacher at the high school says teaching her 9th-grade students about the sit-ins is exciting.

"One of the things I think is very special about teaching at the Middle College of Bennett is I get to include the story of the Bennett Belles," said teacher Danielle Crosby.

She says it is also an opportunity to teach them how to go about making change the right way.

"I want to teach our students a change can be made with one small simple step without violence," Crosby said.

To celebrate the 58th anniversary, all students at Middle College of Bennett will walk together to Greensboro's International Civil Rights Center and Museum.