Davidson County Sheriff’s Office offering business security training

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- The last thing you want to see at a local store is an active shooter.

This is why The Davidson County Sheriff's Office is now offering business security training.

This is an expansion from the church safety courses in which 92 churches participated in last year.

Sheriff David Grice says there was enough support to generate another security aspect in which Sherri Helmstetler might need.

Helmstetler works at the Citgo Family Food Mart on East Highway 64.

"We've been broken into several, three or four times," Helmstetler said.

She says the last time they were broken into was a few months ago.

Helmstetler said the robbers stole cigarettes and lottery tickets, but luckily no money.

At the time, security was minimal.

"I have a button," Helmstetler said.

Security is also a major issue for Nishant Patel. He is the director of sales at the Quality Inn in Davidson County.

His biggest concern is to help protect his guests from an active shooter situation.

"Where on any given night, there could be hundreds of people inside of your building, it's important for us to be safe and have plans in place," Patel said.

It's these two concerns Grice wants to address.

He says the business security training offers more than just an active shooter aspect.

"We talk about what to do at the time of an emergency, what to do during an emergency and what to do afterwards," Grice said.

Grice said the program is something to benefit all businesses.

"Hardware store that employs five people up to manufacturing concerns which employs hundreds of people," Grice said.

The church and business courses are similar. People will learn basic safety procedures, how to establish a safety team and also, key descriptions to be aware of when it comes to observations

You can contact the Davidson County Sheriff's Office to sign up.

The first course is Feb. 20.