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Randolph County deputies spreading flyers, offering reward for information on wanted man

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Deputies are going to businesses, churches, anywhere people come together in Randolph County, making sure everyone knows Jeremy Hayes' face.

"We've been working nonstop," Randolph County Sheriff Robert Graves said. "We were out all night last night and we have teams out there today."

Hayes is accused of multiple assaults, including two on elderly couples, and is facing several felony charges.

For folks grabbing a bite to eat in the Randleman Cafe, Hayes is the topic of conversation.

"I went to school with him," Patrick Waddell said. "He wasn't always that way. Am I surprised? No. Anybody that preys on the weak or the old is sad."

They've seen the reports or heard it from a neighbor. A lot of people are hoping for justice.

"I think this guy's luck is gonna run out," J.D. Staley said. "And if he's lucky, the sheriff will catch him before he walks in on somebody that can protect themselves, rather than these elderly people that have no means to protect themselves."

But people are confident law enforcement is doing whatever it can to bring Hayes in.

"I have no sympathy for him and we have zero tolerance for that in Randolph County," Graves said. "We're gonna find him, whatever it takes, how much time it takes, how much personnel it takes. We're gonna find him, put him in jail and get him off the street."