Tobaccoville school teaches students healthy habits with unique program

TOBACCOVILLE, N.C. -- At Old Richmond Elementary School in Tobaccoville, learning about healthy habits is a fast business.

In fact, the students take "The Speedway to Healthy".

It's a 90-minute program designed to immerse a student in the human body. They start by choosing a food to become.

"Once they become a food they travel through the human body, brain, mouth and then the rest of the way through, and talk about how that food would be nutritious and healthy for the different parts of the body."

Along the Speedway to Healthy, those body parts are called pit stops.

There are 11 of them, and on this day, they were manned by volunteers from Winston-Salem State University.

It is a unique perspective is designed to engage.

These are lessons the students won't forget anytime soon.