Meet Guilford County’s new animal shelter director

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- New Guilford County Animal Shelter Director Jorge Ortega recognizes that his position is a challenging one, but it is a challenge that he takes seriously.

“I was aware of what was happening in Guilford County concerning the animal shelter and with the Department of Agriculture -- not passing inspections,” Ortega said. “I did not let that deter me from accepting the position because I strongly believe that we will pass the next inspection.”

In the last month in Greensboro, Ortega has met with various county leaders and animal rescue groups in the area.

Rather than making an immediate overhaul of operation, Ortega said he has been observing current practices to decide what works best and what should be revamped.

“We're lucky to have a good group of people working at the animal shelter, we just need some additional resources and I’m focused on trying to identify what are those resources and then changing or updating or revising, however you want to call our policies and procedures,” Ortega said.

Open to the input of the public, Ortega said that donations and volunteers are always needed. Though changing to image of the shelter will take time, it’s something that the entire community must work together to make happen.

“The Guilford County Animal shelter cannot solve the problem of pet overpopulation, animals being euthanized, low adoptions, we cannot do it on our own,” Ortega said. “We need a group of citizens, the community working together with the common goal of trying to save as many animals as we can.”

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