Kernersville police see increase in stolen catalytic converters again

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- At C&H Discount Auto Sales in Kernersville they're in the business of selling cars.

Which is why recently they've invested in keeping the lot safe.

“We've been pretty diligent. We got some new security systems and keep some guys on the ground. We are trying to catch them,” said David Carandola, owner of C&H Discount Auto.

All of this is because back in September, thieves took more than a thousand dollars’ worth of catalytic converters from Hondas on their lot.

“It's settled down. Apparently, they have hit some of the other businesses. I think they are just trying people they haven't hit before,” Carandola said.

Police believe the motive behind the recent uptick in catalytic converter thefts is the same from before.

They think thieves are still primarily targeting Honda Accords and within minutes using a power saw to take it from underneath cars and then selling it to scrap yards.

“They contain platinum which is one of the most expensive parts you can get off of a vehicle and the easiest. It takes a few seconds. You're in and you're out,” said Mark Golden, vice president of C&H Discount Auto.

Earlier this month, just a couple of miles away from C&H, a Lowe’s Home Improvement employee tells FOX8 she reported her catalytic converter missing not long after she pulled into the parking lot for work that morning.

She says someone spotted her tail pipe on the ground. After calling her mechanic she found out it had been sawed off.

Also, about a month ago at Gospel Light Baptist Church, just past city limits, workers there found six of its vans missing converters.

It cost them about $2,000.

“Just keep your eyes open and park in a well-lit area. If you know you got a Honda or van like they are looking for, make sure you put it somewhere safe, because they are actively getting them,” Carandola said.

One of the big indicators that your car is missing a catalytic converter is a loud rumbling sound you hear as soon as you turn your car on.

Investigators have not identified any suspects, but if you have any information you're asked to call police.​