Resource officer protects, leads students at Greensboro middle school

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- She’s the person that helps keep kids safe every day at school, but there is a lot more to what Angela Anderson does as a school resource officer.

Many of the students at Western Guilford Middle School don’t call her ‘officer,’ instead, many of them call her ‘mom.’

“I've adopted a lot of kids,” she said.

Anderson is in her fourth year as SRO at the school.

Although a big part of what she does is maintaining school security, she wants to have a direct impact on the students’ lives.

“It's more about building relationships and showing a positive image of law enforcement to the students and the schools,” she said.

During her first year at Western Guilford, Anderson got a surprising opportunity to develop relationships ahead of a school talent show.

A group of girls asked her to help with a performance.
“I went out and performed with them and everybody's like ‘you can dance?'”

The school had a dance team at the time, but the coaches were unable to continue their commitment.

Anderson took over and has continued leading the Golden Tigerettes.

The group performs at school basketball games but has also danced in the community, including at a Greensboro Swarm game.

Anderson’s goal is not only to show students officers can be trusted, but she also wants to make the school environment – a fun environment.

“I hope that the kids enjoy me being around as much as I enjoy being around them.”

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