Greensboro family thanks community for support after house fire

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Every day it gets a little easier for Tonya Miles. Every day further from Jan. 1 is a day further past a tragedy that gripped their family. The Miles family came back from some errands on New Year's Day to find their Greensboro home engulfed in flames. And just days ago, they watched as what was left was torn down.

"I cried the entire day," Miles said.

But since then, one by one, strangers reached out and the community stepped up.

"A couple drove up and gave us an envelope that had a hundred dollar bill in it. And told us, you know, 'It's not much compared to what you lost but you know we hope it gets you a start,'" Miles said. "And not just our community, places like Lexington pitched in too."

Carter Lumber in Lexington heard what happened and jumped in to help right away, offering to build a deck for their new home. North Carolina Modulars in Asheboro got the family a deal on a house that should arrive next week.

The family lost clothes, memories, furniture, but no loss hurt more than the golden retriever puppy Sandy that died in the fire. But with death comes life. The folks at Plaza Salon in Greensboro pitched in to get a new puppy for Amber, Tonya's daughter. Their new golden Honey was born two days before the fire.

"She means a lot to me, I mean she won't replace Sandy, she does fill a little hole I had," Amber said.

Now Tonya and the family are staying at her sisters next door to their now empty lot where their 100-year-old home used to be. What started as a hopeless situation is slowly turning around, one random act of community kindness at a time.

"It hits home because now when I see people that have had fires I'm like, 'Oh I got to give them something. I need to give back,'" Miles said.

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