Greensboro family continues search for answers 7 months after teen daughter killed

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Carrie Tetreault and James Simmons say they won’t give up trying to find their daughter's killer.

"It just hurts that's it's been seven months and nobody will say anything,” said Tetreault. “Nobody's talking. Somebody knows something, the littlest information could turn into a big lead."

Just a few weeks after turning 18, their daughter, Kate-Lynn Simmons, a student at Southeast Guilford High School, was shot and killed on June 3 outside Northwind Apartments on Lees Chapel Road.

"She had a whole life to live and it was taken,” said Tetreault. "She was just on the porch at the wrong time when they walked up and started shooting."

Greensboro police are still investigating but have no leads and haven't made any arrests.

"Kate-Lynn deserves justice,” Tetreault said.

Her parents say the silence surrounding their daughter's death has been unbearable.

"It's a pain you can't explain," Simmons said.

“That's worst thing, the worst pain is not knowing who did it and they're still out here walking around," Tetreault said.

But the parents say they won’t stop fighting.

"If it takes me going to every single one of those areas and continuing to put the flyers out, knocking on doors, I'm gonna do it,” Tetreault said. “I'm not gonna rest until I find the person."

Greensboro police sent this statement to FOX8:

“We continue to investigate the death of Ms. Simmons, and encourage anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. Her family is grieving her loss, and someone has the one bit of information that can help them get some answers.”

The phone number for Greensboro Crime Stoppers is (336) 373-1000.

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