Ruffin toddler injured in fire released from the hospital

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- A mother and child are together again after a fire at their house in Ruffin injured the child and severely burned his father.

FOX8 was the first to capture this reunion after the child was released from the hospital this weekend.

Abby Lucas says she’s thrilled to have her almost-2-year-old son Stephen home. She says he is recovering nicely.

Now, Lucas’ concern is on the child’s father, her husband Stephen “Shane” Lucas. She says he is still in a medically induced coma.

“He ran through the fire to protect our baby,” Lucas said. “He drove to the fire department, even with all those burns and all the pain he must've been in, his main focus was just saving him.”

Lucas and her husband haven’t spoken since just after the fire happened on Dec. 28.

“I just want to tell him that I love him and to thank him because he saved our baby,” Lucas said. “And I want to tell him that I will never ask him to wash another dish ever again in his life, never has to wash a dish ever again because I just want him to come home.”

Lucas says she writes a journal entry for her husband every day.

“I write him a journal every day so that when he does wake up he'll know what happened each day,” Lucas said.

She wants him to know that people are praying for the family and have been supporting them with donations.

“When you lose your faith in humanity, something changes to show you there are still good people in the world.” Lucas said.

Lucas wants people to know that they shouldn’t take things for granted.

“I want people to know, hug your loved ones before you leave, always kiss goodnight, always say ‘I love you’ no matter how mad you are, always tell them you love them because you don't know when you're going to tell them again or if you will get to tell them again,” Lucas said.

We checked in with the Rockingham County Fire Marshal's Office. It still has not determined the cause of the house fire. Investigators are waiting to talk to Lucas' husband to see if they can get more information.