A month later, cleanup and investigation continues after fire destroys old Dixie Furniture plant

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- The place is still in bad shape.

From the crumbled bricks to the loose metal that hangs, along with the gaping holes.

“It was hard for me knowing that the building was made of brick and steel and concrete... that it could go up in such huge flames,” said Rebekah McGee, executive director of Uptown Lexington Inc.

That is what the old Dixie Furniture plant in Lexington looks like now, more than a month after one of the biggest fires in the city's history.

For McGee, the memories from that night are hard to shake.

“I could smell the smoke actually driving into town about four miles out,” she said.

Her office, just like David Nichols’ bar, The Brewer's Kettle Fine Beer, Wine And Cigars, was just feet away from the flames of Dec. 19.

“You can hear the walls collapse from here as far as the fire continued on. And you can see it hit different pockets and you can actually see the flames raise up,” Nichols said.

Investigators continue to sort out how and where the fire started as city leaders move on to what's next.

“Right now, we've been just kind of talking. It's not necessarily here's what the plans are, but it's got a lot of potential. The building has always had potential. That area has a huge amount of potential. Potential that Uptown Lexington doesn't have because of size,” McGee said.

“I hope it just brings in more businesses, more opportunities. You know, maybe some additional parking for downtown. Just something that's going to add to the community itself,” Nichols said.

Barricades still block the area near the old furniture plant.

A couple of weeks back, the city met with insurance adjusters to get a price tag on making the scene safe enough to enter. As of now, still no updates that.

The city is also holding off on people taking the building’s bricks as souvenirs.​