Local organizations react to government shutdown

Local government organization said they were not affected by the three day government shutdown and worked to make sure the public was not either.

The Kernersville VA Health Care Center never closed it's doors or halted their services during the shutdown.

The public affairs officer from the VA Winston-Salem Regional Benefits office sent the follow statement regarding any military or veterans benefits:

“The Veterans Health Administration received advance appropriations for Fiscal Year 2018 as part of the 2017 Budget. So VHA will continue full operations.

"In addition, 95.5 percent of VA employees will come to work as normal, and most aspects of VA’s operations will not be impacted.

"The 95.5 percent figure above combines the funded VHA staff and those staff legally excepted from shutdown under VA’s shutdown plan, found here: https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/43654/va-contingency-plan-2017/

"VA will continue to process Veterans claims upon receipt during this lapse in appropriations."

Chief Ranger Vance Noles at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park said they are monitoring the situation and updates but as of Monday afternoon, there was no official email about the reopening of the park.

Guilford Count Manager Marty Lawing sent the following statement regarding county services:

“We closely monitor all of the federally-funded programs. Typically, these funds are filtered through the state; we’ve seen no impact at the local level and all programs are running as normal. With the agreement to extend moving forward, we will continue to assess any potential impacts to programs in the future. Impact to County Service, if any, as a result of the three-day shutdown is expected to be minimal."

State Representative Pricey Harrison added this following the first vote to end the shutdown:

"I am glad we seem to have averted a longer shutdown but as it is, it represents a cost of billions of dollars to American taxpayers and some disruption to vital government services. It also seems to represent a new normal in Washington: gridlock and an unreliable negotiating partner in the White House. It doesn’t appear that we gained anything for the DACA recipients except a promise to vote on extending this popular program early next month (the same was promised in December). The majority of Americans want to see action on DACA; hopefully we will not be back in the same place when this agreement expires in a few weeks. Now more than ever, we need our elected leaders to put country before party politics."

Congressman Mark Walker sent the following statement:

“Today, My Democratic colleagues finally agreed to stop the political gamesmanship with our national security and reopen the government, accepting the same deal they were given Friday. It’s disappointing that thousands of families in North Carolina had to face uncertainty because of reckless tactics from Senator Schumer that yielded zero results. Moving forward, Congress needs to pass appropriations on time – as the House did this year – and we need to make sure we prioritize the needs of American families first.”