Video shows motorboat crashing into another boat, causing fishermen to jump out at last second; fisherman files lawsuit

CLATSOP COUNTY, Ore. -- A fisherman has filed a lawsuit against the driver of a motorboat after the terrifying boat crash was caught on video in Oregon.

Oregon Live reported that 47-year-old Bryan Maess filed the lawsuit after a motorboat driven by 75-year-old Marlin Lee Larsen crashed into his boat while Maess was fishing.

It happened last summer near the mouth of the Columbia at the Pacific Ocean, but the lawsuit was filed earlier this month.

The footage shows the motorboat crashing into a group of friends fishing on another boat, causing the fishermen to jump out at the last second. Minor injuries were reported.

The lawsuit alleges the driver of the motorboat was using his cellphone and didn’t see the other boat because he was distracted.