Man accused of putting wife’s hands in hot oil over unseasoned chicken

Jeremiah Crothers

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ore. — An Oregan man is accused of putting his wife’s hands in hot oil because she failed to season fried chicken, according to KATU.

Deputies arrested 34-year-old Jeremiah Crothers early Wednesday morning after he allegedly assaulted his wife and 7-month-old child.

Police say Crothers covered his son’s mouth and nose Tuesday morning, smothering him until legs turned blue. Crothers’ wife allegedly used a frying pan and hit him on the head to get him to release their child.

According to court documents, later that day, Crothers stuck his wife’s hand in boiling oil after she failed to season the chicken she was cooking.

When police arrived, Crothers was not there.

He was later arrested and charged with attempted murder, strangulation, assault, coercion and attempted assault.

He is behind bars on $217,750 bond.