Greensboro gas station investigated after fuel mix-up

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Jesse Carr's BMW was towed away after suddenly breaking down.

"I went to start the car and soon as I started it, the whole back end of my car started shaking and all this smoke coming out of the exhaust, then it immediately shut off," Carr said.

Last Saturday, she filled it up at the BP on Fleming Road with what she thought was premium gas.

It seemed fine for the first few hours, but then wouldn't start.

"I tried to start it back up again,” Carr said. “It kept turning off."

She took the SUV to her mechanic.

Turns out, her tank was filled with diesel, not premium.

“They had to flush out all the bad fuel, of course,” she said. “Then, I had to get some new spark plugs, a new fuel filter."

She's one of several drivers, pumping out hundreds of dollars in repairs after the wrong fuel was put in the diesel and premium tanks.

“It looks like there was a missed delivery," said Anas Salifu, a fuel inspector with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Salifu ran tests on the tanks Friday afternoon.

“There is an indication that there's diesel in the gasoline," he said.

"It's going to ruin your car,” he said. “Your car will quit working."

For now, all the pumps are shut down except for regular, which wasn't affected.

"The way to fix it is to just pump everything out and then put in fresh fuel," Salifu said.

After new fuel is put in, inspectors will re-test the pumps before putting them back in service.

The franchisee of the gas station, Bennet Adjei, didn't want to go on camera but says he's sorry about the mistake.

The company that supplies the gas, Pope Transport, will reimburse drivers.

"They're gonna compensate me for the towing, the rental car, the damages done to my car," Carr said.

Despite everything that happened, Carr says she still plans of going back to the gas station she's used for years.

"People make mistakes, she said.

To file a complaint, you have to have a receipt, showing when you bought the gas.

Adjei says the number to call is  (919) 658-6566. ​