How High Point prioritizes plowing, salting roads after snowstorms

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Roads in many Triad neighborhoods are still covered in ice and many people are likely wondering when plows will come through their street.

In High Point, traffic moved smoothly down Main Street Wednesday for the first time since snowfall started earlier this week.

On smaller roads, cars are still struggling to leave their driveways.

“A lot of snow, went away pretty quickly, or is going away pretty quickly," Rick Sealey said.

The Sealeys live on Hempshire Court, where plows have rarely come to clean up in the 30 years they've lived there.

“We’re fortunate that our driveway is not as steep as some of our neighbors," Cathy Sealey said.

City crews will try to get to those smaller streets, but now they're still focused on clearing the main roads.

“Our central business district, hospital and priority one routes have been salted, plowed. Most are cleared, very passable," said Tyler Berrier, the public services manager for High Point.

High Point divides its roads into different districts. You can see them here on this map.

Plow trucks tackle the green streets first, including roads downtown and near the hospital. Then come the pink streets -- "priority one" roads like Main Street, Lexington Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Then the purple streets and the blue streets follow. The city comes up with that system based on numbers from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, which counts how many people drive down those roads on an average day.

“We’re looking to move the largest number of people we can," Berrier said. "I know for some of the folks in our residential neighborhoods that can be frustrating, because if you live on a dead-end cul de sac, we might not get to your road quicker.”

The city can't tell you exactly when plows and salt trucks will get to your neighborhood, but if drivers use your road as a cut through to get to businesses or schools, crews will probably come your way first.

If you live on smaller roads, you may see the snow melt before a plow can get to your front door.

“Our street, we don’t even think about it," Rick Sealey said. "It’s a short street, nobody goes anywhere most of the time, so we’re fine.”

“Bear with us and be patient," Berrier said. "We’ll get there, but the priority ones, twos and threes are taking the majority of our time."

The City of Greensboro also uses a priority road system to when determining which roads to plow first. You can see which roads are already plowed and which are up next here.