Greyhound bus breaks down during snowstorm, stranding passengers in Kernersville

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – Wednesday’s snowstorm turned a bus ride into a particularly turbulent trek for a bus load of passengers in Kernersville.

“We passed about four accidents, people in the ditches,” said Melvin Bynum, who was traveling home to the coast from Tennessee.

A Greyhound bus picked up the 20 passengers in Winston-Salem, heading to Raleigh. But, after only a few minutes in the treacherous conditions, they realized something wasn’t right.

“We were trying to figure out, ‘why is everybody flashing their lights at us?’ She decided to pull over, come to find out we had no headlights,” Bynum added.

With the bus swerving, they decided to pull off at a McDonald’s on Main Street in Kernersville.

“We had no food, there was a child who hadn’t been fed,” said passenger Kevin Jensen.

But, with the snow totals growing, the bus became stuck in the parking lot shortly before 8 p.m.

“We messed up our clothes, we got soaking wet,” said Deante Bell, who was traveling to Spring Hope, N.C.

The passengers got off the bus and surveillance cameras captured the minutes as they gathered together, pushing the bus to get it free.

“There was enough man force behind it to move it,” Ball said.

However, getting the bus free was only part of the ordeal. Due to what Greyhound categorized as a “road failure,” the bus completely broke down.

“As a truck driver, being stranded before, I never felt this helpless,” Bynum said.

The passengers spent their night in a Kernersville hotel, waiting in the lobby for a new bus to pick them up Thursday afternoon.

“It’s been a crazy ride,” Ball said.

A statement from Greyhound Lines Inc. Senior Communication Specialist Lanesha Gipson reads:

“The bus traveling from Winston Salem to Raleigh experienced a road failure yesterday. However, due to inclement weather and road closures, we were unable to send a relief bus to pick up the customers. We provided hotel accommodations for the 20 customers onboard, and they were all picked up by a relief bus around 1:15 p.m. EST this afternoon and are en route to their destinations.”

Although their original bus didn’t bring them to Raleigh, it did in fact bring them together.

“When you’re on a bus, don’t nobody hardly talk to nobody. By the time we got here everybody was conversating with everybody,” Bynum said. “We just became family.”​

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