Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashes in snowy weather after helping stranded driver

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Jerry Markland/Getty Images)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — In a matter of five minutes, legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. went from helping others to needing help himself after a snowstorm hit North Carolina Wednesday afternoon.

Earnhardt said on Twitter had just used his winch to help a sedan out of a ditch in snowy weather when he himself drove off the road and into a tree.

The tweet read, “NC stay off the roads today/tonight. 5 minutes after helping these folks I center punched a pine tree.”

His tweet indicated he wasn’t severely injured in the crash.

According to WSOC, the incident happened in Mooresville near where his racing team has its shop and offices.

After realizing he was OK, one fan took a playful jab at the racing legend.

“Jr. did you attempt to turn right? Gets ya every time,” the tweet read.