Students plan fundraiser for Hospice of Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- These Providence Grove High School students are hard at work putting the final touches on what could be the biggest project of their high school career.

So they went to work and came up with January Joy Ride.

The car show is a fundraiser for Hospice of Randolph County.

"They've scoped out the logistics of how they wanted it run. They went out face to face with the public, the business owners throughout the community, talked to them about doing sponsorships," said David Caughron, marketing director for Hospice of Randolph County. "They created the registrations forms for all the different categories of cars and vehicles that are going to be participating. And they've done it all."

The students have learned a lot along the way.

"It's taught us a lot of real-world problem-solving skills," one student said. "Like its taught us a lot about communication skills,problem-solving skills. Taught us a lot of things I am going to carry throughout my whole life."


But the biggest lesson of all will come once the car show is over.