Local woman writes book after cancer battle

Cryshaunda Rorie Lattimore was finally where she wanted to be in life, but her plans would be tested shortly after what she thought was a routine physical in October 2016.

She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 27 years old.

“Initially, I was frustrated and very, very, angry,” she said.

As upsetting as the news was, she knew she couldn’t move forward being frustrated.

“After getting over being mad at God, trusting in him and finding my faith all over again and putting it all into him again, he really got me through,” Rorie Lattimore said.

Relying on her faith for inspiration, she picked up the pieces and put her story on paper.

Rorie Lattimore is the author of "Confessions from Cancer: Know Your Role."

The book hopes to speak to spouses, family, and friends on how they can support a loved one battling cancer.

“For example, my spouse. He really didn’t understand how to be a spouse and not a caregiver.”

“If you're wholeheartedly in the care-giving role, ‘OK let's take meds, let's make sure we eat, let's make sure we go to the doctor,’ then you're missing out on [another] part of your relationship,” she said.

The book also includes information for kids based on how old they are.

Rorie Lattimore is doing well.

Feb. 13 will mark one year being cancer free.

“I would  like people to just  think positive and not think automatically that this is a negative situation and now we have to prepare for death. No, prepare for life.”

"Confessions from Cancer: Know Your Role" is available through Amazon.

Lattimore will have a release signing event Feb. 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Macedonia Family Resource Center in High Point.