Woman breastfeeding asked to leave Chick-fil-A

FARGO, N.D. -- A North Dakota woman says she was kicked out of a Chick-fil-A restaurant after breastfeeding her daughter, according to WDAY.

Macy Hornung went to the opening of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Fargo on Friday. While there, her daughter became hungry and Hornung began to nurse the child.

As she was nursing, the restaurant's owner, Kimberly Flamm, allegedly approached her and asked her to cover up.

“I tried to explain that I couldn’t, because my baby refuses to be covered and she started harping about the children and men who can see my indecency and I need to cover," the post read. "She told me if I chose not to cover, then she would have to ask me to leave, so I told her my review would reflect my experience and I would be relaying the experience in every local mommy group."

Hundreds commented on Hornung's post, saying they respect her for standing up for her beliefs.

Flamm later apologized in a post on the restaurant's Facebook page Sunday:

"My goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all of my guests,” Flamm told Valley News Live. “And I sincerely apologize for the way I handled this situation.”