People stocking up on supplies ahead of winter storm

The sun is shining brightly over Quality Hardware of Thomasville. But most folks today are not thinking about the sun, they are thinking about the sign outside of the store. A simple "We have sleds" sign is bringing in the crowds.

"I got two kids they want to go out and play in the snow," Cody Grimmett said. "They have been asking for weeks when they can go play in the snow. We are hoping to get some sledding done in the next couple of days."

Most big box stores don't have any sleds. So smaller stores like Quality Hardware are selling lots of them.

"We still got several in stock," Quality Hardware's Bruce Bass said. "And we got more coming Tuesday. So they should be here in time."

Ice melt and shovels are going fast. Plus folks are also thinking about how they plan to stay warm once they get inside.

"A lot of people are using auxiliary heat like gas logs and gas buddy heaters so we are doing a brisk propane business," Bass said.

Snow is also good business for grocery stores. On an early Tuesday afternoon, the parking lot at Jamestown's Lowes Foods was packed.

"I know I am going to be home with the kids tomorrow," Andra Padgett said. "If they are calling for one to three inches, there's a good chance I will be home so I had to get some extra supplies."

And with extra supplies, people are ready for the snow. And they are ready to have some fun.

"Everybody around here gets worried about it, they start going to grocery stores," Jeff Lemonds said. "But me, I like to get out and play in it. My wife likes it too because she has a Jeep Wrangler so she has an excuse to ride around."

Just in case you need last second supplies, stores will be open on Wednesday.