Highway Patrol preparing for winter weather crashes

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Whenever there's snow, things get hectic for state troopers like Master Trooper Brandon Baker.

"Doesn't matter if it's an inch or six inches,” Baker said. "You go from call to call to call."

Baker says those calls can range from small fender-benders to deadly crashes.

"It can be very dangerous,” Baker said. “These vehicles are out of control.”

"You might run off the road and hit a mailbox,” he said. “You might run off the road and hit a tree."

It’s those type of dangerous situations that Baker and other troopers are getting ready for with winter weather on the way.

Each squad car is getting prepared with the basics.

“All our troopers making sure they have a good stock of flares, this will help alert the public should we be out at a crash scene," Baker said.

Another item they keep on hand is yellow crime scene tape which they usually place on the mirrors or antennas of cars left stranded on the side of the road.

"It just signifies that we've checked that vehicle and determined that there's no one in it," Baker said.

Troop D got 429 crash calls on Dec. 8 after the first snow of the season.

Another 322 crash calls came in on Jan. 3 after the second round of snow.

"Folks running off the road, losing control," Baker said.

"Our guys are called to the worst of the worst wrecks," said Brian Newell, garage supervisor for Troop D.

He put snow tires on about 40 state trooper squad cars, making sure each one can handle the dozens of trips it has to make.

"We have to keep our guys safe, so they can keep the public safe," Newell said.

"We want to prevent any crash, minor or not," Baker said. ​