Piedmont Triad Airport Authority ‘will consider public input’ on name change

Piedmont Triad International Airport (News & Record)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Piedmont Triad Airport Authority said Thursday it is open to public input on the new name for the airport.

Last month, the airport authority announced that the airport would be renamed the Central North Carolina International Airport.

After the announcement, more than 5,700 people signed a Change.org petition aimed at stopping the name change.

The Greensboro News & Record reports it received a “spate of letters to the editor,” calling it a “mini revolt” by local residents.

“The Airport Authority is pleased to see the public’s passion for the airport in response to the Authority’s vote on December 19th to change the name,” the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority wrote in a Thursday news release. “The Authority would like to emphasize that the vote to change the name of the airport authorized staff to begin the rebranding process, including hiring a professional branding firm to develop a new brand. That process is expected to take several months.”

The name change was set to happen Jan. 1, but the airport’s website and road signs have not changed. The Thursday release says the airport authority will be open to public input on the rebranding.

“The Authority recognizes the public also has strong opinions on the airport’s name,” the release said. “The Authority appreciates the public response and will consider public input as we move forward with the help of professionals during the branding process.”