Juliet’s House seeing record number of adoptions

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Five years ago, Jan Grafton started the rescue group Juliet's House dedicated to helping shelter pets find a home.

"We are 100 percent volunteer, not one gets paid except the vet," said Grafton, who has a big heart for all animals, but especially older pets.

"The seniors tend to get overlooked, they tend to get dumped more," she said. "People unfortunately say they want to get a younger dog, that this one is getting too old, not fun anymore, sometimes its a health issue and they don't want to deal with it."

But thanks to Grafton's work, along with many volunteers and foster families, they are helping to change that thinking by educating people about the benefits of owning a senior pet.

"They are more often house trained and not as hyper," she said.

Last year, Juliet's House adopted out 1,063 pets, the most ever since Grafton founded the nonprofit. For many of Grafton's rescues, they were hours from being euthanized at animal shelters.

"We are hoping to just keep adopting out as many as we can," she said. "It takes volunteers and fosters and donations."

But Grafton points out it also takes owners spaying and neutering their pets to keep unwanted animals from filling up area shelters and owners making plans for their pets in case they outlive them. "It's really important for people to try and make plans for their pet. Even if you think you've got a long time to live you don't know what's going to happen."

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