Man accused of stealing identity for new $45K dentures

Police are looking for a man who tried taking out a $45,000 loan using another man’s identity to pay for a new smile.

SUGAR LAND, Texas — A Texas man is accused of using another person’s identity to open lines of credit to pay $45,000 for surgery and dentures, according to the Merced Sun-Star.

On Nov. 30, the man, whose identity is not known, had a consultation at Smile Texas in Sugar Land. During the meeting, the office created molds for his new teeth and scheduled the procedure. But the man was a no-show on the day of the surgery.

Eventually, another man called the office and said that the suspect had used his information to take out the loan.

Despite the fact that they never performed the surgery, the office spent nearly $10,000 for the initial consultation, lab fees and molds.

Police are now sharing the man’s photo after he had it taken while preparing for the surgery.

The suspect faces charges of fraudulent use of identifying information and tampering with a government document.