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Cold weather attracts rare birds, birdwatchers

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Despite extremely cold temperatures, members of the Piedmont Bird Club say it was the perfect time to do a little birdwatching.

"One of the great things about birding is that there is always something to look at," said Nate Swick, with the American Birding Association. "So this time of year it's a very good time to get out to the large lakes and you can find a lot of interesting things."

The extreme cold formed a layer of ice over all but the largest bodies of water so this time of year is a good time to get out to the large lakes, especially since the weather in northern states has driven some species of birds farther south.

"Some of the rarities make it more interesting," said Matt Wangerin, with the Piedmont Bird Club. "That keeps us out here in the cold weather chasing things that are less common."

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