In 2017, twice as many businesses in Greensboro were robbed than the year before

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GREENSBORO, N.C. β€” People robbed twice as many businesses in 2017 than they did the year before, according to preliminary numbers from the Greensboro Police Department.

In 2016, 115 commercial robberies occurred. In 2017, that number jumped to 230.

FOX8 sat down to Lieutenant Jack Steinberg with the criminal investigations division. He says there is no way to pinpoint exactly why the numbers went up, it could be because of things like the economy or drug use.

Lt. Steinberg said these robberies are happening throughout the city. Often times, convenient stores, fast food restaurants, and deliver drivers are targets. He says the suspects like to rob places they are familiar with, possibly near their homes.

To solve these types of crimes, investigators collect data, mapping out locations and times, to give to officers on patrol so they can keep a look out for the perpetrators.

The Greensboro Police Department asks to public to speak out if they know anything about the crimes. It also encourages businesses to have up-to-date security systems and surveillance footage.

Police have been able to arrest about half of the suspects from the commercial robberies in 2017. They say that’s up from the national average.

Lt. Steinberg says they will continue to work to track down even more suspects.

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