Teen in coma after burning 95% of body in bonfire accident

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A 14-year-old Florida girl remains in a medically induced coma after she tried to put gasoline on a fire-pit and the can exploded on New Year’s Eve.

Layne Chesney and three others were injured in the accident.

“(The doctors) told me that 95 percent of her body suffered third-degree burns and that most people don’t survive those. They basically said prepare for the worst,” Leigh Chesney, Layne’s mother said.

Chesney was at a friend’s house in Fort Piece making s’mores when she tried to put gas on the fire.

Her mother says Robert Holmes used his body to put the fire out on Layne’s body. Robert, his wife Stephanie, and son Hunter, all suffered burns.

Leigh says her daughter’s vitals are slowly improving but she’s still in critical condition.

She was in surgery on Tuesday for eight hours. The only part of her body not burned was the bottom of her feet.

“(The doctors) told me that she is going to have a very long, difficult battle ahead. It’s not going to be easy,” Leigh said. “She’s a strong girl. She’s an athlete.”

Layne is being treated at the Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami, which specializes in burns.