Pie shop owner says burglars drank liquor, ate pie

GRESHAM, Ore. — Just one day after Christmas, officers say an Oregon pie shop was burglarized.

Lorissa Rose, owner of PIE vs PIE’s in Gresham, says it wasn’t the typical burglary. She says the thieves ate food, drank some of their liquor, and appeared to stay awhile.

“They could’ve stayed in here all night and I could’ve come in here and found them in here. And they could’ve just said, ‘Hey, we just needed a place to stay for the night.’ I would’ve been more than fine,” she said.

Police say burglars broke the glass on a side door to enter, then stole their cash register, stereo, and some juice.

“I’m sure they were cold. I’m sure they were hungry,” Rose said this is the reason she’s not angry about the break-in.

She said they didn’t steal any pie, but they did eat one while they were inside.

“I didn’t even know really how to feel. I was just like, ‘Really?’” said Rose.


Rose said she lost around $5,000 in the burglary and another few thousand dollars in business. She says her employees also lost wages from being closed the last few days.