Bullet fired minutes into New Year’s Day lands in Winston-Salem home

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – One person’s carelessness in the first minutes of 2018 led to a scary start to the year for one Winston-Salem family.

“This is not what I expected the New Year’s to turn out to be,” said Shawn Sharp, recalling the incident less than 12 hours later.

Sharp says she, her daughter and two grandsons were inside her condominium off Bethabara Park Boulevard shortly after the ball dropped Monday morning when she heard a loud noise.

“My grandson ran in the living room crying, said, ‘there’s a hole in the ceiling,’” she detailed.

When Sharp went to see for herself, she saw the hole and a bullet on the floor.

“My heart started racing fast,” she said.

Sharp then called 911. Police tell FOX8 they believe it was a stray bullet.

“You don’t know where these bullets are going to land,” Sharp said. “They’re going to land somewhere.”

Winston-Salem police responded to at least five discharging firearms calls between midnight and 1:05 a.m. Monday.

“It could have been somebody, somebody could have gotten hit and that’s a scary feeling,” she added.

Somebody most likely would have been hit had Sharp not moved the bed in the room from where the bullet landed, to a nearby wall mere days prior.

“I guess it was just meant for me to move it,” she said. ​