Man accused of ‘nearly’ decapitating girlfriend with samurai sword

Kenneth Wayne Lockings

HOUSTON — A Texas man has been charged with murder after he “nearly” decapitated his girlfriend with a samurai sword he received as a gift, according to the Houston Chronicle.

At about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, police went to a Houston home in reference to a “cutting in progress.” Upon arrival, officers found 36-year-old Aracely Jernigan dead in the living room.

Family members found 45-year-old Kenneth Wayne Lockings at the scene before police arrived and helped him turn himself in, the newspaper reported.

Investigators believe Lockings held the sword with both hands and nearly beheaded Jernigan, KTRK reports.

An elderly woman who identified herself as Lockings’ grandmother said he had stopped by her house for coffee earlier in the day. She told the Houston Chronicle that he had been living in Mexico and just recently returned to Houston.

Neighbor Marie Carrier said Lockings was known to have mental issues, saying “he was really messed up in the head.”