Salvation Army’s Center of Hope helps struggling families get back on their feet

Tiffany Bradley has overcome a lot.

"I was working and I was going to school. And babysitters got short, so I had to stop going to school. Everything fell apart after that," she says.

Two years ago, she was living in the Salvation Army's Center of Hope with one daughter and another on the way.

"When I came to the shelter, I stayed humble and everything got better slowly," she said.

Her daughter, little McKabryn spent her first several weeks of life there before they found afforable permanent housing with the Salvation Army's help.

Social Services Director Antoine Dalton says most families like Tiffany's stay at the shelter for three to four months.

"Once they come in, we try to identify their needs and barriers they have in order to help them transition our sooner," Dalton said.

Thanks to a grant from the High Point Community Foundation, which helps pay expenses like the deposit, the stays are shorter now than ever before -- meaning the Center of Hope can help even more families.