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Secret Santa pays for toys on layaway at Kmart

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A Secret Santa stopped by a Kmart in Pennsylvania to pay for toys on layaway.

“Your contract was paid off by a Secret Santa so your current balance is a penny,” is what some families heard as they checked out at the layaway counter at Kmart in Pittston.

An anonymous secret Santa went to the store and paid for more than one-thousand dollars worth of layaway items.

Elayne Padrezes was one lucky shopper that got a special call from Kmart.

"They called me this morning and they said, 'Elayne this is Kmart calling,' and I said, 'okay I`ll be up today to get my layaway'. And the girl said, 'No. Bring a penny and your ID because an angel paid it off,'" she said.

Elayne and Andy Padrezes were especially thankful for this act of kindness because, in addition to their adopted children, they may be expecting a foster child this Christmas.

"We bought extras in case we should get a kid to come to the house at this time because I`m on call for kids this weekend," Elayne said.

"You know you read about it, you hear about it. Instead of the gloom and doom for a change its actually something good that happened," says Padrezes.

The store manager told WNEP that the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, does not have children of her own and specifically requested to pay off layaways with toys.

Luke Abbott was another holiday shopper that got the special call.

"It was a blessing to have this paid off this time of year of Christmas the time of giving it was a perfect time I appreciate that somebody did that. Whoever it was out there, I thank you," says Abbott.

It is the season for giving, but this particular act of kindness stood out to those shopping at Kmart...

"It`s the time of year to be generous and it`s nice to see people are paying forward what they have," says Nina Kemp of Noxen.

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