‘Somebody just popped Santa’: Popular inflatable Santa in Jamestown slashed

JAMESTOWN, N.C. -- A 20-foot inflatable Santa Claus is a big hit in Jamestown.

"The kids love him," homeowner Christina Sumner said. "They come over and ask, 'When is Santa going to be up?' I had a little girl and her dad drive by the other night and yell, 'We love Santa!'"

But a lot of kids and neighbors will be disappointed for the remainder of the Christmas season. Late Monday night, Sumner's husband heard a loud sound coming from outside. By the time he got to the front door, the only thing he saw was a car speeding away and Santa Claus down on the ground. Sumner retells the moment she learned what happened to Santa.

"I got some bad news," Sumner recalled. "Somebody just popped Santa."

Not only did the vandals leave a big, gaping hole across Santa's tummy, they also ripped apart a cherished birthday present.

"We were extremely mad last night," Sumner said. "My husband doesn't understand why would somebody would do something like this, he's upset."

The Sumners filed a report with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. The family is also doing their part by keeping a close watch on their remaining decorations which includes a large inflatable reindeer.

"I don't know if anyone is silly enough to come back," Sumner said.

The Sumners vow not to allow vandals to steal their holiday cheer.

"We are not going to let it spoil our fun or dampen any of the kids in the neighborhood that like to see him," Sumner said. "He will be back."

And what would Sumner say if she had the chance to talk to the vandals?

"C'mon guys. It's Christmas. It's suppose to be the time of the year you are kind to each other."