NC town stinks so badly of cat urine that officials are investigating

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — After years of complaints about a cat pee-like smell in Wilmington, North Carolina officials are stepping in to get to the bottom of the stinky situation, according to Star News.

On Nov. 25, more than a dozen residents alerted the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality about the “strong smell.”

Brad Newland, the Wilmington regional office’s supervisor for N.C. Division of Air Quality, admitted that he sometimes smells the odor while downtown.

“I know that the catty odors have impacted downtown from time to time, and in my personal experience, the odor seems to vary. Sometimes it smells like pure cat urine to me, and sometimes it smells similar but different,” Newland said.

Newland said he doesn’t know what’s causing the smell but believes it could be coming from a mixture of local industries. It is believed that cold fronts trapping odors near the ground contributed to the intensity of the smell.

He also says officials should be alerted quickly because it’s hard to find a cause once the odor has disappeared.

Residents can call (910) 796-7215 to report smells.

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