Davidson County man searching for stolen 10-month-old German Shepherd

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- At Piedmont Insurance Agency in Davidson County it's more than just an office full of employees, but instead it’s a family.

"Everybody up here knows her,” said David Hodges, agent at the company.

Hodges can’t help but to smile when talking about his German Shepard, Zoey. She spends many days with him at work.

Which is why for everyone at the office, coming in Monday morning was tough.

Zoey vanished over the weekend.

“Kind of disbelief. Angry. I kind of got the feeling before I got home that she was gone,” Hodges said.

The 10-month-old German Shepherd got snatched in a matter of minutes from Hodges’ home.

Just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday while both he and son were away, Hodges says someone broke in and took her.

“The backdoor had been jimmied. It was standing wide open and she was closed up upstairs and that door had been opened also,” he said.

Deputies said Zoey was the only this missing.

“I walked the neighborhoods and just all of the land that's around me until about 2 in the morning. Even though I felt like she was gone I walked and tried to find her,” Hodges said.

Bringing her back home is his only Christmas wish, but if she doesn't return he wants her to be in a safe environment.

“I just hope she's OK. If somebody has to steal a dog like that... I just hope that maybe they need her worse than I do. If she is going to a family I just hope that she's going to a family full of kids and that she is loved,” Hodges said.

The reward being offered to anyone who finds Zoey is $2,500.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office said they are still not sure why someone was after the dog. ​

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