Surveillance video shows parts of man’s Greensboro crime spree

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Surveillance video at the Valero gas station on South Elm-Eugene Street captured a scary incident Thursday evening.

It shows Harvey Trull wearing a brown coat as he was stealing a car. The owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, quickly noticed and took action.

"We got into the altercation and we start fighting and he tried reaching into his pocket to grab something, so I was grabbing his arm,” the owner said.

Surveillance video shows Trull fighting off the driver and eventually driving away.

This gas station was just stop three of Trull's dangerous crime spree. The first was at the Family Dollar at Meadowview Road.

Police say at about 6 p.m. he robbed the store with a knife, stealing cigarettes. Witnesses say he then ran across to the Boost Mobile on South Elm-Eugene Street.

That's when Trull targeted a family. Investigators say he tried to drag a woman who's hard of hearing out of her car.

The woman screamed and fought back. So much, she was able to scare Trull away to protect her three kids inside the car.

The fourth stop was at the Pita Delite restaurant on West Gate City Boulevard.

"That's something I'll never forget for sure," said Luke Davis, an employee.

Davis said Trull asked a few question when he first came inside.

"It really didn't feel like he really cared about the answers to the questions," Davis said. “He was just maybe working up the nerve or something."

Surveillance video shows the exact moment when Trull made his move toward the cash register. Both employees were stunned and frightened, with their hands in the air.

Trull had a blue box cutter in his hand and stole $300 dollars.

"That night I had a little bit of trouble sleeping," Davis said. "I was thinking about it a lot."

Davis slept better on Friday after Trull was arrested at the IRC in Greensboro. He's currently on a $10,000 bond.

"They assured me that they were going to catch him and as you saw they caught him on Friday," Pita Delite owner Nayef Dergham said.