Dog stolen during Winston-Salem home break-in returned to her owners

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A dog police say was stolen during a home break-in in Winston-Salem’s Ardmore area has been found safe thanks to police and a FOX8 viewer.

“To me, only God can make that happen,” said Donnie Chilton, the dog’s owner.

On Tuesday, the home of Donnie and Jennifer Chilton was broken into. When they returned home, they realized that Christmas gifts, jewelry and money were taken. But most importantly, their 11-year-old Chiapoo – Daisy – was missing as well.

Winston-Salem police posted a picture of Daisy, detailing the incident, on their Twitter page in the hope of getting her back home. Shortly after, FOX8 spoke to the Chilton’s and featured their story on the FOX8 News at 6.

“It’s rough. We just want her back. You can keep everything, just bring her back. No questions asked, we need her,” Donnie Chilton said, with Jennifer by his side. “To some people it’s a dog, to me and her it’s family.”
In the hours following, police say a FOX8 viewer recognized Daisy in a friend’s Facebook post, which basically said that her boyfriend had given her a dog. The viewer then reached out to the Chiltons, who contacted police.

On Thursday, police say they went to a home where they believed Daisy was being kept.

“They knocked on the door, and the door kind of opened up they said, Daisy was like, ‘hey, what’s up,’ and walked on out,” Donnie Chilton said.

The officers then sent the Chiltons a picture of them with Daisy and less than a half hour later, brought her back home.

“We all were emotional, and they were taking pictures and we got pictures together,” Donnie Chilton said.

Chilton added that the officers nicknamed Daisy “Savage,” and plan to get her a “little name plate.”

“They said that she was a tough cookie,” Donnie Chilton said, of the officers.

“We have been so blessed with the number of people that have shared, and prayed for us and prayed for Daisy,” Jennifer Chilton added.

Winston-Salem police arrested the man accused of breaking into the home and stealing Daisy. They have identified him as 22-year-old Raymond Rashun Crowder. Crowder has been charged with felony breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and larceny of a dog.

“It’s good to know that there’s some good people out there that just want to help,” Donnie Chilton said. “Been some rough times going on right now in America, so that’s, that’s awesome.”