‘Our home is ruined’: Family of 3 homeless after massive tree falls on Alamance County home

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SNOW CAMP, N.C. -- A family of three is devastated after a massive tree came crashing into their dinning room.

"I heard cracking and this huge tree smashed into the house," Christina Zachary said.

Zachary stood on her front steps Tuesday night and witnessed it all.

She had just left to take her son to his basketball game at 6:12 p.m., but returned home because he left his shoes behind.

Zachary never got to the shoes because she ended up watching a tree take a dive into the house.

She quickly got her mom Brenda McPherson, who was shocked to see the damage.

"Our dinning area is completely gone. We have a big hole in the ceiling," McPherson said.

McPherson said the strong winds from Tuesday evening caused the tree to take a dive into her house.

Zachary's 8-year-old son was sitting at the dining room table just 10 minutes before.

"Exactly where that tree landed is where he was sitting eating dinner," Zachary said.

A lot of things like dishes, a dishwasher and dinning room table were all destroyed.

McPherson said while this is tough to go through, it's family that counts the most and not material things.

"Would be planning my grandson's funeral if it would have only been 10 minutes sooner," McPherson said.

"Just so thankful, so thankful," Zachary said.

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